Workflow Analysis

Workflow is a set of sequential steps that are repeated over time to achieve a goal. Workflow plays an important role in running a business. Even though we do not realize workflow is used in personal life as well. For example, a regular house hold task can involve a workflow

Wondering if it’s true? Let’s consider a common house hold task which everyone does – ‘Buying Groceries’.

Anytime u want to get Groceries, first you check and prepare a list of required items for the month, then you go to a nearby shop which sells these items. Next u pick up the necessary items, pay the bill and bring the groceries home. Every time one wants to buy groceries repeating these steps enables them to do so. This is nothing but a workflow.

Establishing and effectively implementing a workflow is a key factor in running a successful business. Fine-tuning workflows of various tasks or processes in an organization from time to time helps in improving their efficiency. This can be achieved through Workflow Analysis.

Next comes the question….

How to perform Workflow Analysis?
Identify the core tasks of a business, understand it’s existing workflow. Find answers to the questions What do we do? How do we do it? Why do we do it? What is the impact of this action? and look for any areas of improvement like redundancies, bottlenecks, time consuming tasks or pain areas. Replace any identified inefficiencies with better yielding steps. Follow up on the changes implemented.

Remember to correctly identify the core tasks of a business as they provide the most value add. Improving its workflow is more likely to create a significant impact on the business.

Typically, workflow Analysts are employed to perform such analysis.

What are the Benefits of Workflow Analysis?

Workflow analysis aids in eliminating workflow performance issues. It improves productivity. Increases quality of the product or service offered by a business which leads to improved customer satisfaction. By reducing redundancies, a lot of time and cost can be saved. Simplifying pain areas boosts employee morale. Optimal utilization of resources can be achieved. Revisiting established processes time and again helps in reaching new business goals that are aligned with current market trends. Overall workflow Analysis with successful implementation results in happy customers meaning a successful business.

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