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Workflow Analysis

WorkFlow Analysis

Workflow analysis is a process which an organization could use for understanding the existing workflows and process for achieving the desired results ( efficiency and efficacy , profitability etc), with optimum utilization of  the resources .

The workflow analysis could be done for entire organization as a whole or for individual departments/functions, basis the needs and requirement of the organization.

This analysis should involve entire process of the work and resources(people ,material).

Workflow analysis could be carried with a Top bottom approach which starts with the Top person in the organization /function/department or a Bottom top approach which starts with the bottom person in the organization /function/department.

Analysis when done, would assist,identify

  • The cost centers and resources centers clearly
  • Idle resources
  • Duplication of work, repetitive work
  • Dependency of work
  • Delay in work /processes (reasons like people, unavailability of resources, cross functional /mental/intra department dependency )
  • Under utilized resources
  • Over utilized resources
  • Understaffed/overstaffed functions/departments

This analysis in a way helps in overhauling or up-gradation of existing  processes for the  benefit of the organization .

Workflow analysis will be more effective when put into use along with the  best practices in the industry

Workflow analysis could also be done for one self at an individual level  for the understanding and improving personal effectiveness

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