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WORK flow analysis is the method are system flowed in the different type of organization .to do there work in a particular way to complete there work in easy and in time .

As we all know that maintaining a organization are an company is a big challenge . because there are varies activities will be done in every organization or company .we cant know where the process was going it will be very hard to find such type of things in this case workflow analysis will help us to make the things to be happened in comfortable way.

Work flow is he best way to find are solve the problem  especially in role of BA it will be helpful very much .because the role of BA is an challenging  which will always deals with time and communication for this workflow analysis will help us to maintain the gap between the flow of work .the main aim of this is to give the support to the employs in the particular organization to do there respectable work the particular time period . by the name itself we can say that it is totally a process of flow that which will help for the continuation of some thing. work flow has its own style that it can be helpful are useful for any type of sector .because any sector will work for the particular thing  that which they maintain a flow .it should be keep on going .there was any type of  issue take place in the flow it will effects the complete organization that will give ah brake ah chain which was going for long time .so that the work flow analysis pays a major role this will also will be the most usfulle method that which will be always in active to do the process .every organization will depends on this that which will be most useful method to mkaintain the organization maintain in the smooth way .work flow has became ah common and wanted method in the present days . and it is growing in a lerge way day by day and we can come to

know that the growth and importance o the work flow analysis  in the present days this is most important thing that can we understand from this there are many type of the problems we may face in the daily day of work but we can easily can manage all this by work flow analysis bt it is very important that we want to know the importance and the method how the  work flow can be used in the process the main aim of work flow is to give the support to the emloyes that who are working in the daily life and who are facing the problem in various stages . it will give a better and easy result to them this is the reason why the work  flow aanalysis has been playing a major role in present day scenario .

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