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wire framing and prototyping

Wire framing and prototyping:
Wire framing is an essential step in the application development process. This will
help the business analyst to show the client how TO BE process application looks
like. These wireframes are used to develop a rough draft of the application's layout
and appearance. Wire frames will help the analyst to present his ideas and how he
will take the clients requirements to his development team. Prototypes offer a
graphical representation of your project and how you will develop and deliver the
product. In this we use animation and other in built tools and you will have a
chance to use specific buttons to click and show the results of final product system.
 Client will get feel good factor in initial stage
 Requirements are clear concise.
 Client will ask additional features by seeing the prototyping
 Ba can take the inputs from pm and can produce best presentation of to be

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