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Why to become Business Analyst


When I first started my degree in Mechanical Engineering I was really excited to learn everything on how to build things and solve complex problems. I knew I had a passion for finding solutions and understanding how things work, which made me believe that Mechanical engineering would be perfect for me, especially that I have a solid background in Mechanical domain (Like Machinery’s and design) However, as I started attending classes, I noticed when I joined in an infrastructure company there are big projects (Power Projects, Oil & Gas, Irrigation etc) with high value of amount to develop and finally I came to know what are Client requirements and specifications how they are approaching to the company to fulfill their requirements, how organization is delivering them and now I am less interested in highly technical Mechanical engineering classes, and more interested in classes related to organizations operations, business processes improvement, and business analysis.

It is fair to say that there are many reasons that made me interested in pursuing a career as business analyst, and I wanted to share some of the interesting facts over this blog:

Who is Business Analyst ?

A Business Analyst is one who analyze the organization domain, documenting the requirements with interaction to technology.

A Business Analyst work along with project team and act between the stakeholder and developers.

Business analyst will analyze, communicate and validate the requirements to process the business

Business Analyst will understand the problems and recommend a solution to reach the goals of organization

Why to become Business Analyst?

The Business Analyst job is low stress profile but always the business analyst will have a workload in most of the cases and it vary from busy to being on a bit low side. In all the projects Business Analyst will be the part of Project Team when developing a project and team would have more pressure and sometimes they would be relaxed. Now a days most of the people are looking to be a Business Analyst where there would be low stress involved and as a Business Analyst will perform his or her work and not accountable for any other thing if there is any Project Failure Business analyst is not only responsible or accountable the whole project team would be accountable.

Now a days Business Analyst role is very essential and paid extremely and people who are earning less salaries are planning to move into Business Analyst and after getting a job in corporate sector then the pay what they are getting for the current employees who are performing their current roles is more for the salary for BA.

People wants to choose business analyst because when days are passing over and increases in technology in day to day life the roles of Business Analyst are much understood in market place and most of the companies are looking for Business Analyst because to understand the requirement of stakeholders .

Now a days the roles of Business Analyst is very interesting and challenging in the same way a variety of industries and business problems were covered. This profession is most attractive because most of the people are looking to take over new challenges in the market and where business analyst will keep playing a vital role and people are thinking to step into the corporate world where the roles of BA are tricky.

The following steps made me to choose Business Analyst:

  1. Impact
  2. Working with Different Teams and Different People
  3. Understanding the client requirements
  4. Continuous improvements and evaluation
  5. New Challenges


One of the biggest reason made me to become Business Analyst is because I always calculate my success on checking my work, capability and considerations. I used to work on with company goals, client requirements and products changes. When I am working to change a process I will check whether it is related to functionality of product. I always think that how many people could I help with my work and what are the ways to develop the product and how we are interact with different people to complete the work done.

Working with Different People and Different Teams :

I felt much interesting when I work with different people and different departments, I involved with different people who are technically expertise in their own domain and always I am interested to add or share some kind of knowledge where it would be used in future. I worked on project that needed continuous work and collaboration with developers, testers, client service representatives and other Business Analyst to do job done and allowed me to learn more communication skills and learnt most about roles or individual departments.

Understanding the Requirements:

It is very interesting to understand the client requirements and fulfilling the requirements by providing the solution with help of developers. The idea is being a part of developing something which it requires to people made me to work much better and encourange me a lot to get the job done within the time frame.

Continuous Improvement and Evaluation:

The beauty of this role is business analyst always do the evolution of their product implementation and they will also used take the feedback for every new step to keep more accurate. Here in this stage the changes and improvements were done continuously to get a accurate product which adds value to the client and company.


One thing I can say about Business Analyst is there are no typical roles in each day. The roles were changed every day the problems what they are facing today is different when compare to tomorrow. Each day we have to perform with different roles and get with different solutions to different problems.

I believe, a very good carrier growth in long run profession and can learn more techniques to handle the complex problems and find innovative solutions in today’s technology. Therefore, I am looking forward to start my future career as full time technology as Business Analyst once after completion of this course successfully.

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