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What’s New in VMware vSphere 6.7 Release

Last week VMware released New Version of vSphere , vSphere 6.7 .

It was a interesting release for the customers, as it was out as Beta  last Year.  Lot of new features were promised with this release.  Let me walk through what are the new and important features of this release.

Only One Reboot Upgrade!!!

vSphere upgrade can now be performed with one reboot. Earlier releases of vSphere , major version upgrades took quite a while.  On the other hand,  vSphere 6.7 allows you to do a “quick boot” where it loads vSphere ESXi without restarting the hardware, because it only restarts the kernel. This feature is only available with platforms and drivers that are on the Quick Boot white-list, which is currently quite limited.


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