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What’s Agile/ Scrum and how does it work?

Agile, is the time framework to complete a Specific Project. It follows the Iterations method. Some of the Methods  of Agile are Scrum, Kanban, XP.

The Most popularly used method by all software companies nowadays is SCRUM.

Scrum is usually friendly and always gives importance to Clients rather than policies and procedures. It will be delivering work under the iterations according to the client’s needs.

The Scrum Team comprises of 8 team members and one Scrum Master. Scrum master usually sees if the work is aligned and be working as per the Scrum guidelines. For example, if there are any meetings or the calls from the stakeholders, Developers/Testers need not attend the calls/meetings, instead the scrum master would be doing it and explaing it to the team in order to be more Productive.

Lets see everyday example of how the scrum team works-

If the Client comes for any project to be done, for example Whatsapp. We would be having set of requirements for the application to be developed.

The high level strategy of the project is known as EPIC which is larger body of work and which will be broken down into USER STORY POINTS

The requirements which is also known as Functionality/deatures will be written down under the small user story points for each functionality .

All the USER POINTS will be stored under the PRODUCT BACKLOG which will be containing all the details, features of the project.

The User points will be segregated accordingly by the Project manager as per the need and ROI of the client and then after the Planning , how many  user points can be delivered in the next deadline or coming weeks will be jotted down and put it under current Sprint Backlog. The meeting for the User stories which should be added or not is known as Sprint planning meeting.

After the user points gets added under the Sprint backlog, Developers and the Testers will be working closely, there would be daily 15 mins stand up meeting for how the analyst would be working on the given task daily.

After the team has completed the user points accordingly, A checklist will be prepared known as Definetion of Done, where all the user points must be fulfilling the Client’s needs, acceptance criteria and the Quality. Post which there would be Sprint review meeting, where the project is presented to the client and stakeholders and will be decided which points to be added or removed.

After the Project , there would be Sprint retropective meeting , where the feedback of the Team is taken into account of what went well and what did not to impreove upon the next Sprint.

There would be the Sprint backlog refinement meeting for the next sprint items to be rescheduled by the Project manager as per the ROI and urgency.


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