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 What question to ask during requirement elicitation? 

As the project starts various studies are going on after all those studies stakeholder analysis and identification is done as per business need and stakeholder requirements requirement gathering and initiation going on.

Generally, while eliciting requirements we are using techniques like 1. Brainstorming 2. Document analysis3.reverse engineering 4. Prototype 5. Questionare6. Observation 7.JAD as per requirements questions and techniques are decided and asked.

Some question

How will this help to solve a problem?

How much proposed of the solution is delivered for the listed problem?

What is the goal and objective of the project?

What are the requirements?

What is your business need.?

  1. Document analysis

If the project is something similar to the earliest anything developed so we used a document analysis technique there so one could study the process and analysis it according to that he will get the required part will work on it basically current system will deliver some solution for a new system it’s one of the compulsory technique of elicitation.

2. Reverse engenerring

This method is generally used in a migration project. In this method, we don’t know anything so first we try to use it to learn how the process is working and then apply knowledge accordingly and developed solutions. sometimes we study the inner system and sometimes we study without the internal system.

3. Brainstorming

In this methodology subject matter expert or domain expert will take part it could be done individually or in groups also generally it happened in groups of 8 to 12 people and one who arranges a brainstorming session will clearly define the goal and objectives that need to be addressed and decide we will include in session and there roles and set a time limit for the session. Thereafter group is sharing their ideas one after another without criticism and evolution and the atmosphere must be creative and healthy for the development of ideas there after time reached ideas are gathered and will make a list of ideas eliminate repetitive ideas rate all ideas and make a final list and distribute among right stakeholders. Generally, we used this method when the project is new or something must be innovative.

4. Focus group

If particular project requirements are dynamic so we carry focus group methodology in this methodology so they could share their views.in this methodology a group of interactive people participants shares their needs and preferences These are people who use projects in the future so they could share what challenges they will face and suggest solutions for challenges and which features they are looking for in a particular project.

5. JAD

While you’re asking for particular business needs and requirements stakeholders may share their views in a technical language so it may be difficult o understand so business analyst will cal, a technical team member and ask him to join the requirement elicitation session so they will understand the requirements clearly and precisely so projects get clear requirements.

6. observation

If stakeholders could not clearly brief requirements will observe the process they are doing and then understand it while they are doing their business routines and ask questions it’s an active approach or if you just wait for the whole business process and after that do not ask a question it’s an inactive process.

7. Prototype

If the user could not clear about the requirements we will develop their basic requirement and show a sample of the working model so they could know how will it be.

8. Interviews

In these methodologies, we used to interview stakeholders or users for yes or no type or descriptive way so they could share their views and approaches to requirements Using these methodologies and questions various types of requirement elicitation

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