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What process included in solution evaluation


Solution Evaluation includes the process to validate full solution or a segment of a solution that is about to be or has already been implemented. It helps in determine how well a solution meets the business needs expressed by stakeholders, including delivering value to the customer.

Solution evaluation helps in investigating how a solution is actually used after it is deployed, and assessing the effect it had, both positive and negative.

In Solution Evaluation five tasks to be performed Measure Solution Performance, Analyse Performance Measures, Assess Solution Limitations, Assess Enterprise Limitations, and Recommend Action to Increase Solution Value.


  1. Measure Solution Performance

In measuring solution, BA assess the solution performance and determines how aligned it is with the overall goals of the project. It includes identifying the most appropriate way to perform this assessment.

Input: Business objectives which represent a benchmark for solutions to be measured against, and external implemented solutions that are already in place in some form.

Output: It measures that can provide insight in to how well the solution is performing.


  1. Analyse Performance Measure

It means examining the performance of a solution in order to determine the value of that solution for the organisation and to see if it satisfies the stakeholder’s needs.

Input: the potential value that will be achieved upon implementing the future state and solution performance measures to obtain information solution’s performance.

Output: the solution performance analysis which also includes recommendations for solving performance gaps and maximising value through leveraging opportunities.


  1. Assess Solution Limitations

BA examines issues related to the solutions that can negatively impact the value cause solutions not to meet the stakeholders’ needs. By this assessment BA should discover the root causes that are the reasons for the poor performance of the solutions and solution components.

Input: External implemented solutions that already exist and solution performance analysis which also includes recommendations for solving performance gap and maximising value through leveraging opportunity.

Output: It is solution limitation which describes the solution limitations currently present.


  1. Assess Enterprise Limitations

As we already see the assessment of solutions limitations investigates internal factors drive the loss of value solution brings, the enterprise limitations assessment examines external factors that limit the realisation of value. Any issue outside the scope of the solution itself that prevents it from satisfying the organisational needs is the object of this task

Input: Current state description, external implemented solution that exists but is not necessarily put to use, and solution performance analysis as a result of analysing performance measures

Output: The enterprise limitation which also describes how the performance of the solution impacts the organisation.


  1. Recommend Actions to Increase Solution Value

The purpose of recommending is to identify and define actions that will increase solution value and help stakeholders better understand the differences between the potential and actual value and the undertaken actions.

Input: The necessary inputs are enterprise limitation and solution limitation. Provide information on the current restraints and point out how the  solution performance is impacting the entire organisation.

Output: Task if done properly, should produce the output of recommended actions-the description of the steps that should be taken to increase the solution value.



Solution evaluation describes the tasks that business analysts perform to assess the performance and value delivered by a solution.





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