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what is the role of business analyst in an organization

Business analyst play an important role in organization . BA acts as a bridge between stakeholders of client  and the technical team . all the communications happen through a business analyst .

Business analyst analyze , communicate and validate requirements for changes to business process , BA understands the problem of the stakeholder and provide the solutions to the stakeholder . BA is known as solution provider .

Business analyst will do the following in a project

Gather requirements using elicitation techniques

Documents the requirements using industry standards

Models the requirements using UML(Unified Modeling Language )

Communicates the requirements to the technical team


Tracks the requirements during development stage


Handles change requests


Facilitates UAT ( User Acceptance Testing )


As a business analyst we need to satisfy the stakeholder as well as customers , satisfying them is more important in an organization to satisfy them Business analyst undergoes the following activities they are

Requirement gathering :

When stakeholder approaches a business analyst we need to gather the requirements according to the needs of the stakeholder

Client will be submitting the BRD or BA prepares BRD by interacting to the client  ( by doing brainstorming , document analysis , reverse engineering , interviews , workshops , focus groups , observation , questionnaires ) client will not provide the requirements directly to the BA , we need to collect them by interacting to the client  .

After gathering the requirements these gathered requirements need to be sorted according the need of the client  . these requirements need to be prioritized by using prioritization techniques (Moscow )


Requirements analysis :

After gathering the requirements next step is to analyse the gathered requirements by drawing ULM diagrams these diagrams helps in analyzing the data easily

Business analyst prepares functional requirements these functional requirements helps in sorting and analyzing the requirements

Business analyst takes sign off in every step , to reduce the risk in projects business analyst will be submitting the analyzed documents to the stakeholder and takes sign off on the documents

Business analyst traces how requirements are going on in each phase


Design :

After analyzing the requirements business analyst will be designing the requirements using use case diagrams , prepare test cases . these diagrams will be helping the team members /stakeholder to understand better about project designs

In this step BA will be communicating with the client on design and solution document make them to understand how the solutions / requirements are going to work  , client is involved in every step of the project .



Particular business analyst will not do coding they will be helping the tech team during coding all the doubts regarding coding the requirements are cleared by business analyst

Business analyst will be conducting JAD sessions during coding in those sessions all the quarries are solved by BA

Updates RTM , conducts regular status meetings to tech team to know the work efficiency these sessions helps in tracing the status of projects



Business analyst performs high level of testing in organization

Prepares test cases from use cases

BA prepares client for user acceptance testing


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