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What is the role of a business analyst in an organization?

Business Analyst plays an important role to gather the requirements from the client end.  Will act like a mediator between the customer and the development team.  They will play for the entire lifecycle of the project.  If the project is a bigger one they will handle the cross-functional role in an organization.

Business Analyst should do an analysis of the business in depth to understand and gets more clarity on the project.  Business Analyst also acts as Subject Matter Expert and it helps individual career growth.

The following are the important roles performed by a Business Analyst.

  1. Gathering all the points
  2. Analysing the outcome of the project both positive and negative
  3. Teamwork
  4. New ideas
  5. Innovative thinking
  6. Analysing the competitor

Business analysts will bring new processes and systems to perform the function of the project.  They always come up with all the probabilities and provide the solution to the customer based on the requirements.

Business Analyst basis responsibilities are:-

  1. Identifying the problem
  2. Finding the root cause analysis such as strengths, weakness, finding opportunities & threats.
  3. Ensure all the listed points gathered are documented to all the stakeholders
  4. Necessary approval has been taken before the project starts
  5. Change requests are well documented in the mail with the stakeholders
  6. Finding the elicitation technique to choose the right one.
  7. Proper planning and monitoring
  8. Timely reporting to Internal Stakeholders and External Stakeholders.
  9. Finding a solution
  10. Documentation is properly recorded for audit purposes.
  11. Proactive communication should be clear so that the stakeholders will understand the project with clarity.
  12. They play a major role in the organization deciding the project basis doing the SWOT analysis.
  13. They will compile all the data and report it into the statistical data which will be understood by a layman too.
  14. Business Analysts will always have a connection with the development team and testing team and check whether the specified requirements are considered in the project or not.
  15. Escalation Matrix is been prepared by the Business Analyst to have better control. If any support is required, take notice to the Project Manager for extended support to fulfill the need of the client.

Business Analysts should have the below qualities. They are:-

Business Analysts should clearly explain the earlier scenario with Descriptive Analysis

Business Analyst should tell what will happen if it is in this nature of the project proceed which is called Predictive Analysis

Business Analysts should find a solution and tell us about the future project performance which is called Perspective Analysis.

In other words, Business Analysts should always have to take care of the requirements.  Becoz each and every project has uniqueness hence the requirements may vary to vary with the project and process.  Hence Domain Knowledge will help the Business improvement, coordinating with the stakeholders are very easy to handle, if any change request is received by the Business analyst, he/she will check the feasibility of the request and discuss it in detail.  The business analyst will also ask apt questions to the customer and internal stakeholders to conclude the project planning.

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