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What is the role of a business analyst in an organization?

The role of a business analyst in an organization is to identify business areas that can be improved to increase efficiency and strengthen business processes. It is responsible for bridging the gap between IT team and the client. BA’s are responsible for creating certain models that is supports business decisions by working closely with financial reporting and IT teams to establish initiatives and strategies to improve importing and to optimize costs.

Business analyst role description typically includes:

Creating a detailed business analysis, determining the problems and providing solutions for a business.

Estimate the budget and time.

Defining the business requirements

Communication between different stakeholders.

Prioritizing the functional requirements

The role of a business analyst constantly evolving and changing as company rely more on business operations. The business analyst position requires both hard skills and soft skills.

Some of the important skills and the experience required for a business analyst are:

Oral and written communication

Stakeholder analysis

Requirement Elicitation Techniques

Requirements Engineering

Business Requirements Initiation

Costs benefit analysis

A primary job responsibility of business analyst is to communicate with all stakeholders and to elicit requirement, analyse and validate the requirements for changes to business processes, information systems. A business analyst plays a big role in moving an organization towards efficiency, productivity.

A good part of a BA role includes basics of business analysis, analysing data, workflow, user or stakeholders inputs, documents etc. One of the business analyst responsibilities is directing team members, helping team members with the problem. Planning the project scope, understanding and implementing requirements of project, identifying resources required for the project. If the business analyst is in the IT sector , few technical aspect are expected to be known by the business analyst which are operating systems, hardware capabilities, database concepts, networking, SDLC methodology.

Whenever an organization is handed a new project there comes the requirements from the stakeholders primarily the clients. It is the business analyst job to hold meeting with the stakeholders and understand those requirements. Once the requirement is handed to business analyst, the BA understand whether the requirement is feasible to execute or not. The business analyst job is to gather functional and non-functional requirements. It is also the business analyst’s responsibility to prepare test cases that are relevant to the final user. A well trained business analyst has several has tools they can use to know the issue.

Communication skill is must skill or a quality a business analyst must have to interact with the clients and stakeholders, and also they should have a great command on writing skills. Business analyst contribute to the design of business functions and processes through the analysis of past performances and certain areas for improvement. The business analyst goes through phases and there are certain levels that analyst follow they are Strategy Management, business model analysis, process designing, technology analysis. The BA roles and responsibilities are all about doing the tasks required to complete the project. Get all the information about the current process that the business follows. Research the market thoroughly. The idea is to ensure the strategies that you prepare are well researched. The business analyst would present the documentation with the person involved in this project. This are business analyst roles that they follow.

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