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What is the role of a business analyst in an organization?

Business analyst typically identifies, gathers, communicates the information to the concerned team. After that, with the team implements some solutions that deliver value to the stakeholders.

1.To know the Problem: The output of those analysis can help them to understand the business problem completely and to implement the appropriate solutions to overcome those problems. The business success criteria should also be well known, Business analyst should be able to understand the business problems completely, it can be done by implementing few of the methods of enterprise analysis.. The business case or scope document prepared by the Business analyst should contain all this surely.

2.Data Analysis Skills: We have aware that a person who performs data analysis for a firm goes by the title of data analyst, but knowing how to analyse data can set business analysts apart from the competition. Excel should be able to be used for simple data analysis by business analysts.

  1. To know the Goals / Objective: Business goals and objectives have to be documented in the business case or scope document. Every business has a goal or objective its the need or purpose, it’s one of the Prior responsibility of a business analyst to understand the business goals and objectives. This can assist the business analyst to exactly know what does the business need and how it can be achieved.
  2. Requirements Gathering: .While performing the elicitation techniques, BA’ s should act as a moderator or facilitator and sometime should take care of handling the entire process.Requirements collected from the stakeholders plays an important role during the product or process development life cycle. Business analyst should be able to understand the requirements of stakeholders very clearly, some kind of elicitation techniques may be applied together the correct requirements

5.Time Management:  A business analyst that is successful at their job should have good time management skills. You will need to schedule and drive to meetings, reply to hundreds of emails, and complete a large number of paperwork. How do you do that make a list of the daily chores you must complete together with the time needed. Eliminate or assign the unneeded tasks from the list. Put them in order of significance and criticality. Now carry out your instructions.

  1. Documentation Skills: Methodologies or methods that the company uses during the product or process development life cycle may or may not have huge documentation. But somehow the business analyst should have the basic documentation skills such that the requirements collected from the stakeholders will be documented very appropriately in an organized manner. In agile, BA don’t need to prepare a lot of documents as a working software is preferred their rather than the huge documentation.
  1. Communication Skills: Good communication skills can assist the business analyst to express something very easily, appropriately. It can also help the other person to understand the ideas very easily and there won’t be any kind of communication gaps. An effective listening, speaking skills will surely enhance the interpersonal skills of business analyst.

Conclusion: From the above Pont we can conclude BA has to do gathering analysis to do brainstorming has to make sure team is work in right manner also have to seat with stakeholder till the time project ends

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