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What is the role of a Business Analyst in an organization

As we know necessity is the mother of invention. When in stone age the people didn’t know about fire then they used to eat uncooked food, but all of sudden one fine day there were arouse a fire from the friction of two stone in the forest and due to this there were some animals had died. So, when stone age people eat their flesh then find tastier than the uncooked food. Since then, they started using fire for cooking their food. Similarly, they used to learn how to make cloth, shelter etc. In the processes of their progress they learn to cultivate the land for growing crop for the purpose of the survival. with the passes of time, technology and experiences, they started producing cereals more than their requirement. So that decided to exchange their cereals with other product which they need for their survival with other people who need cereals. That system was called batter system. But as time progress this system was not enough for the survival, because this batter system arouse Double coincidence of wants. So, people at that time try to find its substitute, then Gold and silver were means of exchange came in to the existence. But at that time the world was not fully developed as it is now, rather some parts of world are only developed such as Mesopotamia, Indus valley and Harappa civilization. So, most people started selling their goods and services to these people and from there the system of trade came into existence. But as we know development is the continuous process of human existence. The Dutch, French, British came to India for the trade and this system of trade has spread like fire in the forest. So, deliver this system of trade to make profit for this foreign trader the special business knowledge person had been heired which later period in 19th century in industrial revolution it was   known by the name of Business Analyst. Since then, it is coming the concept of business analyst. Who analyses the business and proceed accordingly to get more profit to gratified their master needs.

This business analyst is known as the pillar of any company at modern times. With the use of technology there is huge increase in diversification in business as whole which consequences the different role and responsibility of business analyst has been came in to exitance. Some of the important role and responsibility of business analyst in modern day multinational company are given below.

(a) Business process model (BPM): – (BPM) technique that creates data-driven visualizations of workflows. It contains what is the goal of project, input resources required, how the sequences of activity are performed, what will be the output and end value of the customer.

(b) Swot Analysis: – It is the technique of completely assessing the requirement of stakeholder by Business analyst that his/her organization is able to accept the project or not. what is the weakness, strength, opportunity and threats for accepting this project

(c) Feasibility study: – In this Feasibility study Business analyst try to roughly figure out that how many total resources are needed, which technology this Project is going to work, suppose if it works on java then he must conform how many well skilled java resources are there. number of testers needed. What is the maximum time frame we need to complete this project, what is the time frame given by the client, the budget given by client is appropriate for this project or not. It means in feasibility the business analyst completely understands the requirement need.

(d) Gap Analysis: – As a BA he will try to convince the client the pro and con of the project in future market.  Such as-this is the one of the new initiatives taken by you. On this platform there is no any stakeholder in the market at present. This project helps you to maximize your sell to 10 times. It will help exponential growth in your business and profit. By the time if other stakeholder will work on this platform and reach to the market till then you have reach to the different level in your business and you might be thinking of different technology at that time. So this is my honest suggestion for you to take initiate for this project for making brighter to your business.


All possibility of risk for the project which is fallow as given below.


. If requirements are not properly identified.

. Proper planning is not done

. Stakeholder is not convinced with the plan

. Designing is not done properly 

. Documents are not analyzed properly  

 you to take initiate for this project for making brighter to your business.

(f) Business case Document: -The business case document is nothing but the epitome of the project, that why one need this project, what is the investment for the project, what is the time frame for completion of the project, on which technology this project work, what are the drawback of the projects, what opportunity it provides to stakeholder, how many total numbers of resources involved in that.

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