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What is the requirement elicitation? Have you ever participated in these elicitation meeting?

The word elicitation means to find something, to draw something out from another things, to search something required. The used of word elicitation is happened in every field of life. It is either services, trade, business or anything.the use of word elicitation in business analyst is very important. It help the business analyst to find the required solution of the project given by the client. Because the elicitation has many technique . so while applying this different technique of elicitation, the business analyst find the desired solution.

                             The different elicitation technique are given below as fallows

  • Brainstorming: – Brainstorming is a process of finding different solution for the given problem. And among them choose a better solution which is more suitable to our problem. Brainstorming is done either in group or as an individuals. Either of these help to find a required solution.
  • Document Analysis:-Document analysis is one of the way to analysis the project that what this project is all about, what is the requirement of it. After completing the project how it will be looking like.how it process will be following, That is to completely know about the project after reading a document on that and finally draw a desired solution from it is called document analysis.

Reverse Engineering :-Reverse engineering is nothing but it is a process from which one can draw a conclusion from the existing system. For example- suppose some want to open the retail shop but they want to make a software which help them to sell their product online and accept the payment for the same. So in this case reverse engineering help to make a system by making reference a  existing physical system which is already in use by retail shop. The reverse engineering is also called a back engineering.

Focus group: – Focus group is like a teacher or a parent who guide the student or the preschool child to learn the table or alphabet. Similarly here focus  in business guide and trained the small group of team by their bosses to proceed on designated project .

Observation: – Observing shadowing users and doing a part of their job, can provide information of existing process, inputs and outputs.

Workshop: – A requirement workshop is a structured approach to capture requirements. A workshop may be used to scope, discover, define, prioritize and reach closure on requirements for the target system

Joint Application Development (JAD):- In this users are directly involved in the development Process. Application developed through JAD has higher customer satisfaction and a smaller number of error.

Interview: – An interview is a systematic approach where interviewee is going to ask relevant questions related to software and documenting the responses. Interview of a user and stakeholders are important in creating software.

Prototype: – Prototyping is nothing but a dummy of any system. When there is a complicated and large system is there to make then firstly we used to make a dummy like structure which is similar to the end product. It is very essential in any business process.

Questionnaires/Survey:- Questionnaires is very important to know the further details about the project. It help the business analyst to reach to the conclusion or we can say questionnaires give a clear view of what it required.

                                                       Yes, I have participated in this elicitation meeting while working on project Agriculture project,retail store management system etc.

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