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What is the RACI matrix in project management?

The RACI matrix is basically used for clearing employees’ understanding of their roles and responsibilities regarding tasks assigned in a particular project. this matrix allows team members to communicate clearly what exactly is needed.

It’s a simple matrix that can be designed in a table or on a spreadsheet which allows RACI with their particular task and identified roles. This whole matrix is

R- Responsible

A- Accountable

C- Consulted

I- Informed

The above full forms are all about project management.

Responsible– One who is responsible regarding a particular task project or work and who is answerable regarding the work done and how it’s done.

For Example- A business analyst who is responsible for stakeholder analysis and requirement gathering and documentation if one of the requirements or projects is getting hurdles due to inefficient gathering of requirements then the Business analyst is responsible for a particular activity.

Accountable– It’s a basic responsibility to check if someone is doing a particular task on a project he must account for that like he has answers for what he did how and when like a time sheet we could say.

For Example- The developer is developing something he needs to update a BA that he is working on that required time so they updated the status it’s basic accountability likewise BA is responsible For the same to the project manager and stakeholders so it brings transparency and worth.

Consulted– It is basically taking inputs and reviews regarding anything so their shared feedback will consider and work accordingly. the project management team consulted with stakeholders so they will no hows the end product will be and it’s important also cause they are who is getting impacted.

For Example- A project management team is working on a food delivery system that is very unique so before updating any option which game changer must be consulted with various stakeholders.

Informed– In this band generally senors management persons from various departments are situated they are other factors also basically we need to inform them regarding decisions and work going on so they could work or plan their tasks accordingly.

For example- if we are working on a project or task that particular task is informed to the project manager and stakeholders so they know what going on and whos doing what.

Using this methodology project owner will know who is doing what and it provides full accountability toward stakeholders and is beneficial for the project management team also cause they will clearly understand who is going to be responsible for the particular task and who is going to be accountable for a particular task and who need to be consulted so the proposed requirement or task is going well as well as who is informed regarding projects or its task so everything in a project will go according to methodologies which will deliver a proper solution and clear ideas for stakeholders and team.

This matrix will help the project team and stakeholders for project future decisions.

Avoid the burden of information for stakeholders and the project management team.

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