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What is the purpose of the Requirement Traceability Matrix

Business analyst in the entire project.

Each and every requirement should be covered in requirement traceability matrix(RTM). RTM is a document that helps full to grab the requirement from the client and communicate the requirement to the team.

RTM is used to track the live status of all requirements in the project along with the stage of the project.

RTM will have the below details:

  1. Requirement ID
  2. Requirement Name
  3. Requirement Description
  4. Category
  5. Subcategory
  6. Design
  7. Coding
  8. UT
  9. CT
  10. ST
  11. SIT
  12. UAT

Purpose of RTM:

Helps in Project Planning: RTM is useful for project planning. We can make out where the project is reaching out and where we must go. From Gap between the planned and actual activities we can track the real status of the project.

Decision Making: By Using RTM we can get the status of the project, based on the project status management team can take a decision on the project like budgeting, resource planning, etc.

Company Mission and Goals: by using the RTM we can track the project status; this will help to align the company mission and goals are aligned or not.

Software Testing: RTM can be used to track the Testing results on high level. The tester can update their comments in RTM. If the tester needs any kind of support or facility then tester can update the his requirement in RTM in remark section.

RTM can be useful for below Jobs:

  • Customer Audits can be passed through the RTM.
  • Internal QC can be passed by RTM.
  • RTM can give clarity about the project.
  • Team Alignment towards the final goal.
  • Project manager and BA can check the workload from RTM with respect to the time.
  • BA can access the requirement as per the development stages.
  • For Decision-Making activity RTM is useful.

RTM can be prepared by using MS Excel or any project management tool.

BA must submit the RTM to the client at the end of the project with the actual status. The customer will get an idea about the RTM document. Which requirements have been taken care of and which is not the customer get an idea from RTM

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