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What is the purpose of the Requirement Traceability Matrix


Requirement traceability matrix is a tool. Which is set up and track every point of project progress. It represents in table form which is look like a matrix. In other words, requirement traceability matrix is used to monitor the requirements at the development phase.


Requirements are the need or demand of a client, which he/she want on their software. Requirements are basically a feature that client wants on the application and business analyst will gather the requirements from the client through elicit techniques. It’s a main element of any project without it project will not start. This need of requirement will transform into solution while taking various shapes and farms as it progresses from each stage of SDLC.

Traceability Matrix

Traceability Matrix is a document that details the technical requirements for a given test scenario and its status. It helps the testing team to understand level of testing that is done or need to be done for a given project.

It’s a table type of document that is used in the development of software application to trace requirements. It is prepared before the test executing process to make sure that every need or requirement should covered so that we don’t miss out any testing.

The traceability process is used to review the test cases that is defined for any requirement. It helps to find which requirements created the greatest number of defects during testing. Apart from this not only show these areas are need of improvement, but it also helps to alleviate future roadblocks and find the process weakness.

Requirement Traceability Matrix

Requirement Traceability Matrix is also known as RTM. It’s a tool that helps identify and maintain the status of the project requirement. RTM establishing a thread for each component and also manages the overall project requirements.

There are many types of RTMs. For Example- Test matrix is used to prove that test was conducted and also be used to identify issues and requirement during the development of software.

Benefits of a Requirement Traceability Matrix

An RTM ensure that projects do everything which is set to do. This is a step-by-step process helps to find out the requirements and the products that are required to be tested successfully. It also helps to figure out the project’s direction and timeline.

Firstly, it will support the identification of all requirements are cover in a work product. Then, it will check and make sure there is proper understanding of all requirements to the development team.

The RTM will show the requirements coverage the term of the test cases, design status, and execution status. It also shows the UAT status for a test case. With all these information at all around will helps team to analyse changes in requirements and make product development decisions easy.

Traceability links artifacts across the development lifecycle that’s help team to identify and resolve issue before they become problems for the project. It can also help from the pressure of audit because having an RTM will make it easier to demonstrate that it been complied with regulation which means you can avoid additional expenses or delays the audit may cause.

It can even use to track requirements from regulation in a compliance matrix. That can help team to understand what need to evaluate and develop before the work is finalized.

What do you include in a requirements traceability matrix

Create chart with the following columns.

  • Requirements: Add a column for marketing requirement, product requirement and system-level specifications.
  • Testing: Add a column for test case and test runs.
  • Deviation: Add a column for any issues.

Requirements traceability matrix example

Here is a basic requirements traceability matrix example, including a description of the requirements and the status of the task.

Req ID Req Name Req Description Design D1 T1 D2 T2 UAT
FR001 Farmer Registration Farmer should be able to register with the application Done WIP
FR002 Farmer search for product Farmers should be able to search for available products in fertilizers, seeds, pesticides Done Done Done Done Done Done
FR003 Manufacturers Registration Manufacturers should be able to register with the application Done Done Done Done Done WIP

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