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What is the purpose of the Requirement Traceability Matrix

Requirements are the demands or the expectations of the client from the product or the project for which the project is initiated. Hence there requirements is the main foundation of any project. The business analyst gathers all the requirements from the client and the collected requirements are to be ensured that they are all implemented in the project in right way. Hence the main purpose of requirement traceability matrix is that to ensure that all the requirements are actively implemented in the project.

Requirements defines the goal of the project by the tracing all the requirements we see the project towards right path of project goals. Also the requirements are mentioned in test cases helps the testing person to see that testing is done in a right manner by performing the testing by mapping the cases back to each requirements. Tracing requirements helps to understand that all the requirements are properly implemented during all stages of project. Requirements also helps to make decisions of how product design is impacted by the mentioned requirements.

Requirements tracing is the process of checking whether all the requirements given by the client are taken care and well implemented in the projects. Requirements tracing plays an important role in success of any projects and also helps to understand the various and current stage of the project life cycle. It proves that the project fulfils all the requirement given by the client.

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