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What is the purpose of the Requirement Traceability Matrix?

  1. What is the purpose of the Requirement Traceability Matrix.

Requirements traceability  matrix  is the ability to map requirements to other artifacts — such as different types of software tests or bugs. It is used to track requirements  and prove that requirements have been fulfilled to achieve some goal for project. It offers documentation of the connections between the proposed requirements, with regard to the project output, and the test phase.

A requirements traceability matrix may be used to check if the current project requirements are being met, and to help in the creation of a request for proposalsoftware requirements specification, various deliverable documents, and project plan tasks.

The process of reviewing all specified test cases for any requirement is known as traceability.

Traceability enables one to see which testing requirements led to the greatest number of faults.

There are various advantages to using a traceability matrix; the following are the most significant ones:

The profits of utilizing a traceability matrix areas below:

The final product is tested and includes all the required functionalities that meet users’ needs and expectations.

Only the features that are necessary and expected must be included in the finished product that is created and provided to the customer. The additional features built into the product might appear intriguing at first, but they quickly become unwieldy in terms of time, money, and labour required to create them. Additionally, a customer may experience issues with extra features during or after use and as a result of faults.

Verifying whether all requirements have been met is helpful.

It is a duplication of the task given to the team because it shows which work has been completed or not. In order to accomplish the project’s objectives, the RTM is helpful. As we can trace every task carried out by developers and tasters, finishing the work within the allotted time prevents scope creep.

Requirement traceability is can be mapped to any like  BRD(Business requirement document) and also SRD(software requirement traceability)

It has certain parameter while preparing matrix like test case id, requirement id, business requirement id, system requirement id etc.

1 requirement can be mapped to one test case or many test cases depends on requirement

RTM has few benefits as mentioned below:

  1. It verifies complete test coverage so that every need or requirement should be covered .
  2. It draws attention to any unmet requirements or inconsistent documentation.
  3. It displays the overall execution status or flaws with an emphasis on business needs.

4.It assists in analysing or estimating the effects of returning to or reworking the test cases on the QA   team’s work.

RTM is crucial for any change request since it makes it simple to add or remove requirements at the request of stakeholders.

It aids the testing team in comprehending the degree of testing completed for a certain product.

It makes it simple to find the functionality that is lacking.

In general, RTM can be prepared in below three ways in a project.

Forward: An RTM with forward traceability maps requirements to test cases, thus ensuring top-to-bottom testing of every requirement and a sensible project path.

Backward: Backward traceability means the RTM maps from test cases to requirements, which can prevent scope creep by keeping the team aware of any unnecessary activities or wrong activities.

Bidirectional:  In this bidirectional traceability, you can map both forward and backward, allowing you to verify both the validation and the rationale of every requirement. In most cases, bidirectional traceability is ideal because you can double check traceability with this.




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