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What is the purpose of the Requirement Traceability Matrix?

The requirement Traceability Matrix is used to track the requirements and to check whether the current project requirements are met or not. With captures, all requirements are checked by the client, and requirement traceability is in a single document. It can help in the creation of a request for proposal the requirements specification, various documents which have to deliver, and tasks of project plans.

Several points show what is the Requirement Traceability Matrix: –

  • It is a tool that helps to link requirements, test cases, and defects.
  • The requirement Traceability Matrix provides good coverage data.
  • The requirement Traceability Matrix prevents defects.
  • It provides a good quality application as all the features are tested.
  • A requirement Traceability Matrix should create for all types of client requirements.

The requirement Traceability Matrix is necessary to update whenever there is a change in requirement. Traceability links two or more work items by linking test cases with requirements.

The requirement Traceability Matrix has several benefits: –

  • Testing becomes auditable.
  • Analyzing the impacts of changes.
  • Provides for product quality and for product progress.

The traceability process itself is used to review the test cases that are defined for any requirement. The requirement Traceability Matrix is relevant in traditional and modern methodologies. In waterfall methodology, it helps to trace and verify the requirements sequence-wise. And in the scrum, it is used to record user stories between product and sprint backlog.

The requirement Traceability Matrix was created according to the standard and needs but mostly it required mainly requirement ID, the baseline document, reference number, bug ID, and test case.

The requirement Traceability Matrix helps when you facing challenges in tracing project requirements, or when you facing difficulties while delivering the needs to stakeholders. In all these situation Requirement Traceability Matrix plays a vital role in project management.



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