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What is the purpose of the Requirement Traceability Matrix?

Requirement Traceability Matrix / (RTM)  RTM is a document that is helpful in tracing user requirement with test cases. It includes all requirements that we have gathered from the client and requirement traceability in a single document in a tabular form, delivered at the end of the SDLC. The main purpose of Requirement Traceability Matrix is to make sure that all requirements are checked via test cases so that no functionality is left unchecked during Software testing.

Types of Traceability Matrix

Mainly Requirement traceability matrix is divided into three major component as mentioned below:

Forward traceability: This matrix is helpful in checking if the project moving ahead in right direction and for the right product. It makes sure that product is as per requirement and tested properly.

Backward or reverse traceability: this ia helpful in confirming that product is on the right track and as per requirement and there is no expension to the scope of the project by adding additional code, design element, test or  other work which is not specified in the requirement

Bi-directional traceability ( Forward+Backward): This traceability matrix make sure that all requirements are covered by test cases. It shows the impact of a change in requirements affected by the defect in a work product and vice versa.

Importantance of RTM

Our main purpose is to meet all client requirement defect free. The traceability matrix is typically a worksheet that contains the requirements with its all possible test scenarios and cases and their current state, i.e. if they have been passed or failed. This would help the testing team to understand the level of testing activities done for the specific product.It is also helpful for any kind of modification during the project and defect handeling.

Parameters to include in Requirement Traceability Matrix are:-

Req ID Req Name Req description Design D1 T1 D2 T2 UAT
FR0001 Registration User must be able register himself for net banking Yes Yes No pending Yes YES

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