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What is the purpose of the Requirement Traceability Matrix?

Think about a life without a calendar, nothing is scheduled, noting is prioritized, nothing is managed? Then how will be our life? Scattered, right? Just like to maintain schedule of days, months, years and decades calendars are there. Likewise, to maintain the status of the project’s requirements and deliverables Requirement Traceability Matrix is there.

So now you might have wondered, what the Requirements Traceability Matrix exactly means? So, The RTM is nothing but, a document that co-relates any two-baseline documents that need a many-to-many relationship to visualize the completeness of the connection. it’s wont to track needs the wants the necessities and to visualize this project requirements are met.

Let’s see, how the requirement traceability matrix looks like:

Req ID Req Name Req description Design D1 T1 D2 T2 UAT
FR0001 Log in page User should be able to log in to e-commerce website Yes Pending No Yes Yes YES
FR0002 Product detail page User should be able to check all the products listed by KinderSports Yes Done Active Pending
FR0003 Add to cart User should be able to add the product in cart Yes Done Done Done
FR0004 Payment gateway User should be able to do payment transaction of his/her cart value while purchasing the products Yes Active Pending Pending
FR0005 Delivery estimate User should be able to see delivery estimate including delivery day, date and time along with estimated delivery charges Pending No No No No No


Furthermore, below things are included in the Requirement Traceability Matrix:

RTM is made in line with the structure standards and wishes, however it usually includes demand ID, baseline document reference variety, bug ID, and take a look at cases. a number of the common parts include;

  • Requirement ID or demand variety – Given for every project demand, listing in a very numerical order
  • Requirement kind – Grouping or categorizing the business needs by operate
  • Requirement Description – a quick description of the necessity
  • Unit take a look at Cases Reference / number
  • Integration take a look at Cases Reference / number
  • System take a look at Cases Reference / number
  • User Acceptance take a look at Cases Reference / number
  • Trace to check Script – take a look at scripts ought to be ready for the particular testing method.


On the other side, there are multiple benefits of the Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)

See the benefits as follows:

  1. Management of the answer scope: Since traceability permits every demand to be related to the suitable business objectives, we are able to judge the worth of every demand. this permits US to effectively rate and avoid scope creep (the frustrating sensation of there being endless necessities for this project).
  1. Fast analysis of potential changes: Good traceability permits US to gauge the impact of a possible modification quickly and simply. For a given demand, we are able to establish the connected business objectives and different affected parts. additionally, traceability permits straightforward identification of necessities related to an unsuccessful test suit, that supports accelerated resolution of issues.
  1. Reduced project risk: Traceability permits for identification of crucial dependencies between necessities, supporting higher visibility and management of those relationships.
  1. Promotes consistency between necessities: Identifying relationships between necessities and connected things helps US to be additional consistent and coherent. we are able to sight and proper inconsistencies quickly and use identical language. as an example, if we tend to use 2 totally different terms to talk over with identical entity, like consumer and Registered client, connecting connected necessities might facilitate US see the inconsistency additional simply.
  1. permits observation and management across the lifecycle of necessities: The traceability matrix is often wont to facilitate manage that necessities are valid, that are unfinished, and that are rejected. It additionally helps in distinctive that necessities correspond to a selected unharness.

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