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What is the purpose of requirement traceability Matrix

A traceability Matrix is a tool looks like table format used for tracking the requirement in development of software application. The requirement traceability matrix will prepare for analysis of the requirement. This matrix can be use to trace from coding to requirement as well as requirement to coding or design. We also called Cross reference Matrix.

The main aim of Project team to understand the client requirement and make sure that they provide perfect product without any defect. To achieve the business goal every project member should understand the requirement of user thoroughly and create positive and negative test case. That is the software requirements provide by the client have to be split in to different task for further test case perform. And it is important that each test case to be executive individually. The way we trace the requirement with corresponding test scenarios and test case it is merely termed as requirement traceability matrix. The RTM is a worksheet that contain all the requirements with all possible test cases and the current status of work weather it is passed or fail. It will help to testing team to understand the level of testing activities done for the product and know the all possibilities to do test case using the requirements, ensure that no requirement will leave out of the test cases.

The purpose of RTM uses in Project Management

  • The RTM will use in Business analysis planning and Monitoring requirements management plan, Scope management, Time management, quality management, Communication management
  • The RTM use in Enterprise analysis for cost benefit and product scope. And also, analysis risk analysis.
  • BI – directional traceability matrix represent that all the requirements are covered by test case both forward and backward. It will impact to change of requirement in case the product of work is defective.
  • It will use for the purpose of track the current project requirements are met or not
  • This RTM include Request no, Request discerption, testcase and ID, and the status of work product.
  • RTM will cover overall testing of Application
  • RTM highlights if any requirements are missing or inconsistence of document
  • RTM helps to team re-working on the test cases




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