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What is the different tools used in Business analytics?

Business analysis role includes multiple analytical & documentation work. It is the responsibility of business analysis to represent the requirement & the solution to overcome the requirement. Business analysis deal with multiple stakeholders & document all the details.

  • It helps them to better collect, collaborate & short data. These tools are helps for performing various actions like prototypes Creation, workflow management, use case analysis & also document business requirements. These business analytics tools give the organization a complete overview of the company to provide key insights & understanding of the business so smarter decisions may be made regarding business operations, Customer conversion & more.
  • Business analytics routinely use a variety of specialized business analytics tools & software for job tasks relating to steering project, conducting user testing, making data-driven decisions.

Top business analytics tools are used to efficiently accomplish the following business analyst tasks.

  • Requirement management
  • Project management
  • Enterprise
  • Modelling
  • Wire framing
  • Collaboration
  • Customer relationship management
  • Extract, Transform
  • Inbound marketing
  • Data visualization

The tools used by a business analyst are as below:-

  1. Tableau
  2. PowerBI
  3. SQL
  4. Jira
  5. Balsamiq
  6. Axure
  7. Microsoft Visio

We will details of all tools for uses & purposes.

  1. Tableau: – Mainly Tableau is used for Business Intelligence. Tableau Desktop is used to connect and explore data. This connects to any data format including Excel then explore the data using the visual system. Analysts and business users can explore data and build reports and dashboards, which can be shared out across the organization.
  2. Power BI: – Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. Your data may be an Excel spreadsheet, or a collection of cloud-based and on-premises hybrid data warehouses.
  3. SQL: – SQL for data analysis refers to the database querying language’s ability to interact with multiple databases at once, as well as its use of relational databases. A SQL data analyst is a data scientist that uses the SQL language to interpret data. This analysis is used to improve business information and provide new insights to managers.
  4. Jira:-Mainly Jira tools is used in scrum technology.it is used to create & manage the task assigned to the team. Jira helps teams plan, assign, track, report, and manage work and brings teams together for everything from agile software development and customer support to start-ups and enterprises. Software teams build better with Jira Software. Further communication are done in jira where all the developer team members, testers can communicate.
  5. Balsamicq :- – Balsamiq is an excellent tool for prototyping interfaces, it can be expensive but if you are a not for profit it is usually free. Balsamiq is used in my organisation to assist in the development of systems.
  6. Axure :- The Axure tool provides the capability to produce wireframes, prototypes, and create documentation. This tool is used by professionals like business analysts, product managers, and IT consultants around the world.
  7. Microsoft Visio: – Visio makes it easy for Business Analysts to create process diagrams, which are a helpful tool for customer service teams to monitor and model the various processes and organizational procedures that must occur for the business to run smoothly.

Below some diagrams which can be created in Microsoft Visio:-

  • Use case diagram.
  • Sequence diagram
  • Activity Diagram
  • Data flow diagram.

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