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what is the difference between the data analyst and business analyst

What is business analyst?

A business analyst is someone who focus on an organizations business operations. While working with data, there main aim is to help find solutions to known business issues. For instance, how to improve products, services, internal process, or financial reporting. While business analyst need to understand and apply accepts of data analytics and process, this a means to an end, rather than an end itself. when a business require to solve current or future problems its a business analyst job to help a facilitate a solution like,

Defining business case

Analyzing business requirements

Understanding business requirements

Project management and development validating solutions

Making informed decisions  along with stakeholders

Performing quality testing

The duties of business analyst typically include

Evaluating business process for efficiency, cost, and other valuable metrics

Communicating insights with business teams and key stakeholders

Preparing strategic recommendations for process adjustments, procedures and performance improvements


Requirements of the business analyst 

Expertise with the data reach

Mathematical mindset and expert early analytic capabilities

The ability to investigate and identify critical data

Proven SAP skills

Project management experience

Strong communication skill

Business analyst responsible includes

Analyze large amount of data

Identifying areas that need improving

Addressing business needs

Working with internal teams

Analyzing the data to evaluate the emerging trends

Recommending possible solutions

What is data analyst?

A data analyst role is to present stories through data to enable leaders to make better, more informed decisions. That’s why to be effective in their roles, data analyst should have the technical skills required for the data mining and analysis along with interpersonal skills to report their findings to the decision makers comprehensively.

on any given day, a data analyst might be

scrubbing data

producing and maintaining reports for different departments

creating both internal and client facing reports

Data analyst helps companies by analyzing data and drawing actionable insight to present to business stakeholders. Data analyst also apply their expert skill to provide competitive analysis or to identify business or market place.

They work with

It departments

Data management teams

Data scientists

Responsibilities of a data analyst 

Deriving insights from data using statistical techniques

Managing database

Acquiring data from primary or secondary sources

Identifying, analyzing, and trends or pattens in complex data sets

Defining process improving opportunities

Locating and correcting code issues

Working with management to lineup with the business needs

Requirements of the data analyst

competent analytical skills

Accurate in reporting data

Skilled on data mining techniques

Fluency with emerging technologies and data frameworks

Experience in SQL, R, and Python experience

Knowledge of agile development methodologies

What’s the difference?

While the data analyst and business analyst both work with data, the main difference lies in what they do with it. Business analyst use data to help organization make more effective decisions. In contrast, data analyst are more interested in gathering and analyzing for the business to evaluate and use to make decisions on their own. In the simplest terms data is a means to a end for business analyst, while is the end for the business analyst says martin Stadlbauer associate clinical professor and director of northeastern university information and data sciences programs.



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