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what is Requirements, Types of requirements and what are different elicitation Techniques?

Requirement and what are the types of requirement.

In Business Analyst we can define the term as Need of the stakeholder. Once this requirement has been raised by the stakeholder it is the business analyst’s role to further define, analyze, validate and prioritize the requirement.

In real life, the stakeholder will typically state their business problem or need and as a BA we will transform into a solution by defining, analyze, validate and prioritize the requirement.

Types of Requirement

  1. Business Requirement

Describe the need of the organization what they want.

For Ex, Implementing customer service application to manage customer calls.

  1. Stakeholder Requirement

BA required gathering the information from user prospective which satisfies the Business Requirement.

For Ex, Customer service Representative must able to receive the calls and records the calls.

  1. Transition Requirement

Current state of an organization to a future state.

For Ex, online complaint application for customers

  1. Solution Requirement
  2. Functional Requirement

Functional Requirement is system feature that must build into the system to satisfy the user requirement.

For Ex, how we can received the calls via different Networks.

  1. Non Functional Requirement

Nonfunctional Requirement is the one that do not directly relate to the behavior or the functionality of the solutions.

Non Functional Requirement is a quality attribute that system must have.

For Ex, Customer service applications should be available 24/7 with no down time, if possible.


Different Elicitation Technique,

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Document Analysis
  3. Focus Group
  4. Interface Analysis
  5. Interviews
  6. Observations
  7. Prototyping
  8. Questionnaire


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