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What is requirement periodization in Business analysis?

Requirement prioritization is a process used in business analysis to prioritize the requirements of a project based on their importance and urgency.


This method categorizes requirements into four groups: Must-haves, Should-haves, Could-haves, and Won’t-haves. This technique helps to identify critical requirements that are necessary for project success.

The MoSCoW method can help. MoSCoW means for must, should, could and would:

M – Must have this requirement to meet the business requirements.

S -These requirements are important but not critical. They are necessary for the project’s success, but their absence will not prevent the project from delivering value.

C – These requirements are desirable but not Compulsory. They are nice-to-have features, and their absence will not affect the project’s success.

W-These requirements are low priority or out of scope. They are not necessary for the project’s success and will not be addressed in the current phase of the project.

Kano Model:

It is a different view of the requirement techniques in the customer prospective whose going use the application. It divided in to 3 factors.

1) Basic Factors: If you don’t have particular feather in the app the customers are disappointed. They don’t want use of the application

2) Performance Factors: It is a Drawing factor for the customers to use the application of the app.

3)Excitement Factors: these factors are differentiated from the competitors, customers will be excited to use the app because of unique features

Weighted Scoring: This method assigns a numerical score to each requirement based on its importance, urgency, and feasibility. This technique helps to prioritize requirements objectively and ensures that the most critical requirements are addressed first.

Cost of Delay: This method assigns a cost to each requirement based on the delay in implementing it. This technique helps to identify requirements that will have the most significant impact on the project and should be addressed first.


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