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What is requirement life cycle management

Answer- It is the knowledge area that describes the task that BA perform to manage and maintain requirements from starting till the final process .
It includes the following processes-
communicating organisational requirements
It is an concept for integrated managing the total life cycle of goods and services toward sustainable consumption and production.
It helps customer equation at key points in time by companies cultivate brand loyalty and identifying the opportunities for adding value.
Initiating- Here we define the project obectives and create the business cases . Here we complete the project charter as well. Stakeholder list is also defined in this
Planning phase- the planning phase, is where the project solution are being discusses in depth and we plan the things accordingly. In this team identifies the work which needs to be done.
The task of this is to Identify the work and requirements identification needs to be done . This is also known as scope management.
The outlining the activity, tasks, dependencies, and timeframes. The project manager coordinates the preparation by providing cost estimates for the labour, equipment, and materials costs.
Finally, the Business analyst will have to document a quality plan and providing quality targets, assurance, and control measures, along with an acceptance plan. The project that has planned in detail and is ready to be executed.

Execution Phase- Project is allocated to the resources which are being associated with the Projects holder.Then the Project resources are bein managed by th project owner Then we get the project results approved to see if there is anything that has been pending or not. Then we build the product or processes. And we see if there is any issues then we get it fixed.

Monitor and control- We keep a complete track to the plan , If something is not in line the we will se if we need to amend or not. Daily meetings keep on happening and see the completion of the same.If it is not in line then we see daily reviews and daily planning as well to see the growth of the project and to discuss on future formalities.
Completion- On completion we will handover the project to the team. Review the project deliverable and get the project approved .

Nowadays, We have seen that using cloud-based project management software it is a common process of storing all of the Docs related to the project. In the cloud and the chances will be very low for the data lost.
When we Divide the project into multiple phases giving vey short goals the project it is very easy to see the growth of the project It gives a framework to operate, making it easier to plan and execute. While spreadsheets and post-it notes sufficed in the past, the requirement of digital project management is completely different
We follow the SDLC method in it and keep a track on this.
Now it is very helpful tool for any project’s successful completion

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