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What is RACI matrix in project management?

The RACI chart which is further modified to RASCI chart is used to distinguish roles & responsibilities of all stakeholders involved in the project. RASCI stands for responsible, accountable, supported, consulted, and informed. These charts are beneficial to establish seamless communication & smooth workflows.

Codes used in the RASCI chart can be briefly explained as follows:


Code Full form Brief Role
R Responsible Stake holder Responsible for executing the particular task is marked with this code. Each task has at least one Responsible Stake holder. Most of the times a member from SCRUM team (Scrum Developers) are considered under this category.
A Accountable Stake holder who is in charge of person responsible for executing the particular task can be marked as Accountable. Accountable person is tasked with reviewing the work and making sure it is delivered within stipulated time. Persons from Management team (project manager/scrum master/Product owner) are generally considered as Accountable stake holders.
S Supports Stake holder who Provides their support in execution of particular task is marked as Supports stake holder. This stake holder can not be officially questioned for quality or legitimacy of the task but plays important role in completion of task. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are generally considered under this category.
C Consulted Sometimes Stakeholders who are not actively working on the current task but outcome of the task may affect their working in future needs to be consulted. Input & feedback of such stake holders can have major impact on the task.
I Informed The higher management stake holders which are not involved in day to day activities of task but are hugely influential how the task is to be performed are marked under this category. HODs or team leads of respective department are marked under this category.




RASCI chart is generally developed in the early stages of the project as a part of stake holder analysis. After identifying all the stake holders their roles & responsibilities are distinguished with the help of RACI chart. Circulating this chart with all the stake holders will help notify everybody of their duties before starting the actual work.












Following can be considered as example of RASCI chart


Activity Owner Product Owner SME PM Design Team Development Team Testing Team BA
Requirement Elicitation I A C         R
Requirement Analysis I A S   I I I R
Design I I   A R I I C
Development I I   A   R I I
Testing I I   A I I R C


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