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What is RACI matrix in project management?

RACI is responsibility types: responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed. Also known as RACI Matrix, RACI table, etc. The initials R, A, C, and I are assigned next to the person who is responsible for each task or deliverable. Individuals have to play roles depending on the deliverable or Task but multiple roles are restricted.

Challenge of the RACI Matrix is ensuring Roles are clear and defined. This matrix has to maintain in Excel of Word or any format for clarity and documentation purpose.


Responsible is the person who has tasks for developing the deliverable or completing the activity or system. The persons responsible are mainly project team members, such as the PM (Project Manager), BA (business analyst), developers, or Creator of marketing material and technical documentation, as an example. They are usually doers of the activity.


Accountable is a person who is typically responsible for ensuring the work is complete and suitable. Someone with decision-maker or signature authority. The accountable are mainly the BO(Owner), Sponsor, Steering/Decision committee, key stakeholders, Governance bodies, or the manager of the key responsible party.


Consulted person are whom feedback and input should be solicited. Consulted parties will be subject matter experts (SMEs), legal advisor, information security officer, compliance manager, etc. If product is new in market, then all the members of organization will be Consulted for ideas.

Consulted should be discussed prior to starting a task or deliverable to understand the risks, requirements, constraints, as well as after completion to ensure all sides has been considered in the results.


Informed persons – keep in the loop. They are not consulted nor part of the decision making group. We have to keep in cc list for awareness of topics, progress and decisions. They can be invited for optional attendees for kickoff meet or demos.


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