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What is RACI matrix in project management?

In this RACI matrix, the tasks are mentioned in left side columns of a table and the stakeholders will be listed above in the table. And we will fill the table with the suitable role of a stakeholders. This matrix is mainly used to get clarify with the employee roles and responsibilities of the project tasks and milestone throughout a project.


Responsible parties are one of the stakeholders who are responsible for the assigned task. In the project management, by seeing the RACI matrix we can track with the responsible stakeholder about the project task creation or deliverable.


For every task in the project management there is only one stakeholder who is accountable. He tracks the person who is responsible for his work weather he is completed on time or not. And accountable stakeholder will review the work done by the responsible person. Accountable ones are present usually in the management role.


Every employee or a team in a project will consult the specified consulted stakeholders about the work or task they are working on. The team or an employee will take the input or feedback about the task from consulted stakeholders and according to that they work and deliver the task. The employee or a team will consult the stakeholders because their work or task might affect the outcome of the consulted stakeholders.


Informed stakeholders are the persons in the project who are informed with the progress of the project with the details of every task. The informed stakeholders are added on the loop of the mails and tasks of the project to know each detail of the project because it could affect their work and they are also not the decision makers in the process. Informed stakeholders maybe from the different department or outside of the project team.

  • RACI matrix can be presented in a tabular form with left side column tasks of the project and stakeholders will be across the top row.
  • We can color code the tasks of the stakeholders to easily track the work of concerned stakeholder.
  • RACI matrix will maintain the clear and open communication in between the stakeholders.

How to create a RACI matrix:

Gather the information of all stakeholders who are involved into the project with their roles and names.

List the tasks and deliverables.

Analyze each task and assign the role to the stakeholders who are responsible, accountable, consulted, informed.

Setup a meeting with the project team members to correct assumptions made.

Setup a meeting with the project stakeholders to go over the RACI chart.

Refer to the RACI chart throughout the life of your project.

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