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What is RACI matrix in project management?

The RACI matrix, is a type of Responsibility Activity Matrix (RAM) in project management. It is a simple table or document that lists all the stakeholders of the project and their level of involvement in each project, including the letters R, A, C or I. Once these roles have been determined, tasks can be assigned to each person

RACI should updated during each task. Every task should have one person who is responsible and accountable. Avoid sharing accountability for a single task as it may. creates confusion

The RACI matrix is created at the beginning of the project; It is an easy to use tool for clarifying roles and responsibilities directly at work :

RACI Stands For-


A- Accountable


I- Informed


The task as assigned directly to this person (or group of people) who is responsible for the project. The responsible person is the one who does the work to complete the task or create the deliverable. Each task should have at least one responsible person .

Responsible parties are typically from the project team and are usually developers or other creators.


Accountable person reviews the work involved in a project. Their job is to make sure that responsible person and team knows the expectations of the project and completes work on time. Every task must have one person who is accountable.

Accountable parties are typically from the project team, usually in a leadership or management role.

Consulted : A consulted is a person who provides advice and feedback on the ongoing work of a project. They are interested more in outcome of the project as it will affect their current or future work. The target audience can be SMEs, professionals.


They should know what is going on as it will affect their work, but they are not the decision makers in the process.

The insider is usually outside the workgroup and is usually in a different department. They may include managers or leaders of relevant teams and senior executives of the company.

How to Create RACI Chart:

1.Identifying project roles and responsibilities

2.Identify Project task and deliverables to client

3 Assigning the task as per RACI

4 Agree on this with team

5 Agree on this with stakeholders involve in project

6 Make it useful throughout project

Benefits of the RACI Report:

Maintain an open and clear communication with all stakeholders.

Avoid overloading people with unnecessary work or information.
Avoid using “too many cooks” to provide input for each task.

Help attendees prepare for the future impact of the events on their business.


You can waste time creating unnecessary graphics for simple tasks.

Responsibilities are final and cannot be fully assigned to a group of partners in the project. they will get confused.

If no one speaks after approval, it is a design and a waste of time

The RACI matrix does not have the flexibility to change roles and responsibilities once they have been selected.

When you use RACI CHART:

RACI matrix is not required in small project as team is small and you can assign individually but in larger project when there are multiple stakeholders, without RACI it would create difficulties, therefore its a great way to avoid too much surprises which might lead to project failure.

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