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What is RACI Matrix in project management?

             RACI matrix is a RACI chart, it is type of responsibility assignments Matrix (RAM) in project managements. It is a simple spreadsheet or table that lists all stakeholders on a project and their involvement in each task.it is denoted with letters R, A, C and I.

RACI Matrix is created at the beginning of the project; it is simple tool used to clarify roles and responsibilities during a project. RACI matrix will specify who is responsible, who is accountable, whose is consulted and who is informed.

If there are roles, make sure RACI chart is updated. Every task must have one person who is responsible and accountable. Avoid sharing accountability for a single task.

Benefits of RACI Matrix:

  • Using the RACI matrix, it will improve the communication between the team to manage the project.
  • With the help of RACI Matrix all stakeholders know their responsibility.
  • It will get clarity of roles what the task they will perform.
  • It will remove roles confusion and eliminate unnecessary tasks.
  • Avoid conflicting roles and responsibilities
  • It will help with resources allocation and enables faster decision making.

Responsible (R) – The people are responsible for doing the work of the task. There can be more that one and they actually perform the task.

Accountable(A)- This is the person who is ultimately accountable for the work being done in the satisfactory manner. The accountable person must sign off the work that the responsible person produces. There should be only 1 accountable person the approver who is accountable for the complete the task.

Consulted (C)- these people whose inputs is used to complete the task. communication will be 2 ways. Who gives the opinion SME, subject matter expert.

Informed (I)- these people who are informed the status of the task. communication is 1 way. The person who is kept up to date.

It will provide clarity to who is to do what the task will perform

RACI Matrix allows to ensure each task has the right roles assigned

Using the RACI matrix, it will help to avoid the blame game.


Complete project will have too many items on the RACI chart, it will making hard to read

Complex projects have team members and stakeholders with roles that do not fit nicely into the RACI categories

RACI matrix lacks the flexibility to change roles and responsibilities after they have been assigned.

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