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What is RACI Matrix in project management

1. The RACI model is considered to be an simple and effective method to list out the right responsibilities according to the needs and requirements of the project in the organization. This model gives us the chance to effectively communicate and come to conclusions about who should be taking up their roles for the project. When this model takes place the chances of mistakes and confusions happening are much lesser when compared to the other models, when we tend to define this model it generally consists of four main roles that determine the positions and they are:

Responsible: This is the one that is actually will be responsible for the whole completion from starting to end of the project, they will take up any sort of responsibilities and will be held responsible for most of the tasks that place in the project. They are also directly a part of the project and play a major role in handling things in the project. The project manager in most of the cases is considered to be responsible for the completion of the project.
Accountable: This is the person that will actually hold all the authority in the project, they will be accountable for the deliverable of the task in the project. This person looks after all the project objectives and goals and ensures that the they make sure everything goes right In the project. Anyone who takes any sort of decision can be put under this category.
Consulted: Whenever anything is needed for a doubt or for any sort of clarification, the consulted one comes into play, they will go to him or her for any ideas or insights. If there is any feedback or any sort of input to be collected it will be from the consulted group. For example the subject matter expert is someone we can consult if we do require any help in something that we do not know or understand
Informed: this is actually someone who is not directly involved with the project but they should also be given the information about the progress of the project. Over here it is important to keep the people informed at updated at all times.

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