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What is RACI Matrix in Project Management

It is most important to start any Project in IT Industry, The Business Analyst has to identify the Key Stakeholders in the Project. To identify the key personnel who will get impacted during the project we use various tools. RACI matrix is one of the most popular tools which is being used to identify the Key stakeholders.

RACI Matrix play very crucial Role in SDLC different phases, in each phase the responsibility of the stakeholders changes and RACI matrix is the one of the easiest tool to identify the key personnel for the project completion in each phase.

RACI Matrix clarify the Roles and Responsibility of the Key Stakeholders who will going to work to complete the project during the assigned Timeframe.

In RACI matrix there are four Components and those are stands for R stands for Responsible, A stands for Accountable, C stands for Consulted I stands for Informed. But many time we also use in Supported person who is going to support during the projects and represented as S i.e, RASCI.

The four Components of RACI Matrix:

Responsible: The person who has the responsibility to complete the task or project within the given timeframe with accuracy as per the requirements gathered by the Client. Generally in IT project, Business Analyst is the responsible person for the project from start of the day to till maintenance phase.

Accountable: The person who ensure the task or Project is being completed within the timeframe and also take the decision for the project budget and duration for the project. Mostly Project Manager or Product Owner is Accountable person for the Project.

Consulted: The individual or group of people who are being consulted for the project development and acts as an advisory for the project. The consulted persons are generally subject Matter Expert, Compliance person, developers & Testers who is being consulted for the project. Example: for User Acceptance testing the clients or users is being invited to conduct UAT testing and make sure the product has met all the requirements as per the clients needs.

Informed: The individuals or groups who is being informed about the project and there benefits. They are the Client person who is being informed about the progress of the project. But they do not participate while taking the decisions for the project, but they are just informed about the project.

Advantages of RACI Matrix

There are several advantages of RACI matrix for stakeholder Analysis in Project Management

  1. Help to eliminate confusion: By using this tools, I as Business Analyst will remove the confusion for the roles and responsibility of key stakeholders. Where each people has given been assigned various task according to their Job Roles and responsibility
  2. Improve work efficiency: RACI Matrix helps to assign the Roles of different stakeholders which help the individuals to take decision increase the efficiency of the project.
  3. Help to assign Roles: RACI Matrix helps in assigning the task to the stakeholders as per their eligibility and responsibility of the project.

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