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What is RACI matrix in project management?

A RACI is the matrix which help us to understand the responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) in project management. It is a simple spreadsheet or a table which list all the stakeholders on a particular project and there level of involvement in ever task. They are mainly denoted by the letters Responsible, Accountable, Consulted & Informed. Then this roles are defined and assignments can be distributed, and the work can also began.



Responsible means to designate the task is assigned directly to the person or to a group of people. The responsible person is the one who does all the work to complete the task & to come up with the deliverable.


The responsible person are usually the person on the project team and might be a developer.



The accountable person in the RACI matrix review the work in the project. The person who is accountable has to make sure that the responsible person or team knows what is the demand of the project and also to complete the project in time. For every task there must be one accountable person.




The consulted people usually provide the input and feedback on how the work is being done in the project. They have a say in the final outlook of the project because is will affect the current as well as future projects.


The project manager along with his team must have a word with the stake holder before stating the project to get valuable insight and specification required for the project. And after completion to get a feedback on the overall picture or the outcome.



The informed person must be tapped in to the project, knowing how the overall process is ongoing. But the tiny details of the work done or the project can be excluded. As they are not the person to make any decisions on the ongoing work or project.

The informed party are usually from outside the project, there is a high chance that they are for other team.

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