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What is RACI Matrix in Project Management?

Project Management is all about managing, monitoring, problem solving process to successfully reach the goal of project. To simplify this process, it is divided into few stages which are Planning, Initiating, Execution, Monitoring & Finally Closure. RECI Matrix is a part of Planning phase as the roles and responsibilities are assigned to each stakeholder in this stage.

In a project initiation phase a goal of a project is determined.

Planning is a phase where all the pros & cons, and different analysis are performed which are required to define the execution process of the development.

Execution is the part where actually the development, testing of the project is done so that it could match the defined acceptance criteria.

Once the development tasting is done the project is actually put on live platform i.e. deployment stage. And as an initial stage the monitoring is done to make sure the product is working satisfactorily.

And finally, the closure of the project is done by taking signoffs and submitting the manuals and the maintained documentation of the process.

RACI matrix is the part of this documentation process which is mandatory and also very useful for identifying the role of the stakeholders in the project. RACI matrix literally means a matrix which states who is Responsible, Accountable & who should be Consulted, Informed.

Responsible(R): This Criteria defines which stakeholders are responsible for the development of the said project. These stakeholders could be Business Analyst, Sponsor, Product Owners Etc.

Accountable(A): These are the persons who are accountable or who do have responsibility of completing the project in time and the defined budget. These stakeholders could be project sponsor, Project manager, product owner etc.

Consulted(C): This type of the stakeholders does not come often into the picture as they do have limited interest in the project. And in cases where the project is stuck or important decision is to be taken during the process at that time these stakeholders come into the picture. These stakeholders could be the Subject matter experts of the project. These stakeholders could be Sponsor, SME, Key Stakeholders etc.

Informed(I): Some stake holders are need to be informed during the whole process. Most of the times these stakeholders are not the key persons who take the crucial decision regarding the process. This is the one-way communication from the team to the stakeholder These stakeholders could be Project manager, scrum master, Business Analyst etc.

These above-mentioned responsibilities are represented in the project document in the form of a chart which eases the communication during the project.

Following are some of the Advantages of RACI Matrix

  1. Ease & clarity of communication
  2. Clarity of the roles & responsibilities of the stakeholders
  3. Elimination of miss communication.

Following are some of the Dis advantages of the RACI Matrix

  1. It does not clarify the team members roles & responsibilities.
  2. In does not give solution/ the matrix fails in case of absence of any stakeholder in specified period of time.
  3. This matrix does not mention the hierarchy that the system should follow.

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