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What is RACI matrix in project management?

RACI Matrix is technique generally used find & understand key stakeholders. To know who responsible stakeholder is, who is accountable, who is supposed to be consulted and who need to be informed about the project development.

RACI Meaning.

RACI Matrix stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted & Informed.

For project to succeed it is important to divide task among the employee, client for each aspect of the project. So that we have someone is the project who is responsible for delivery project, someone who is accountable, someone who need to be consulted before taking decision or implementing or making changes and some who need to be informed about changes, about project progress.

RACI matrix helps everyone who is part of the project to know what their role and responsibility in the project is. Which helps for successful project delivery.

RACI matrix is ready document which can used for reference in different stages of the project development.

Responsible :- 

Particular Stakeholder is responsible for getting work done in the project. Someone who is responsible to deliver project on time and meet the deadlines of the project.

Accountable: –

                     Particular stakeholder is accountable for getting work done or he is accountable for project success or project failure.

Consulted: –

                   During project development life cycle if we come across an unexpected scenario or challenges which particular stakeholder needs to be consulted. Generally these are subject matter experts who can give advice on unexpected situation on how to go head, what should be done.


Informed: –

                Particular stakeholder who need to be informed about project progress, if any changes happen in the project. Someone who has control on the project or should be aware about the project.


There are some rules that we must follow while using RACI matrix as explain below.

  1. While creating RACI matrix chart one should always remember that there must be only one person should be responsible and accountable for project. If we have more than one person responsible & accountable, then it leads to ambiguity and not delivering project on time.
  2. For each and every activity there must be someone responsible and accountable. It should be mandatory in the RACI matrix so that they can make sure work is getting done on time. Sometime for some activities consultant and informed are not required because sometime for particular activity they may not required to know or to be informed or consulted but there should be someone responsible and accountable so that they make sure work is done on time according to expected guidelines.
  3. We must establish two-way communication with consultant so when development team is having any issues they can have communication with consultant or if consultant find anything which need to be changes he should be proactively informing to the team so we can avoid delay in project delivery so that we can make sure it is meeting client requirement.

So that is way it very important to define stakeholder and create RACI matrix to know the role and responsibilities of stakeholders at the initial phase of the project.


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