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What is Pre Sales Process

The pre-sales process is the set of activities that is carried out before the customer has been acquired. The pre-sales process is the specific set of activities that lead up to winning a new contract or acquiring a new customer. Companies generally have a pre-sales team in place which is sometimes referred to as sales support. It is also being a technical and business consultant.

The pre-sales team handles a lot of the implementation of the sale and occasionally handles the follow-up as well.

The responsibilities differ from organization to organization but in general include

  • Product research
  • Product knowledge
  • Researching your industry or the competition
  • Evaluating your products or services in relation to your competition
  • Creating strategy calls
  • Finding and initiating contacts with prospects
  • Identify the prospect’s needs


How they perform as a team:

Pre sales and sales departments to work together, both teams must have a level of mutual respect. They also must have a good understanding of the sales process and understand what their individual roles are in the process. They need to have a blueprint for how to navigate complex sales and have a clear understanding of what the customer needs.

This role is especially crucial in IT industries because the products and services are often heavily customizable and also because the requirements of different customers are often unique. The presales professional thus understands what the customer needs, develops an initial view of the solution the customer needs, and then customized the product or service of his company to meet what the customer needs.

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