Gap analysis is used to identify difference between current process and desired future prospects  in a organization, this analysis performed  by Business Analyst and Project Manager.

GAP Analysis revolves around

Where are we?

Where do we want to be?

Gap analysis is performed by Business Analyst. For a project / Business Gap analysis covers what are the requirements / facilities we have and to successful the project / business what are the steps should be taken or what are needs to success the project / business. Gap analysis is used to find the deviation / gap between what exists versus what is needed.

Gap analysis measures the investment of time, money, human resources, requirements / needs to get a particular desired outcome. For doing gap analysis Business Analyst should have thorough knowledge on the process, factors (time/money/resources) which affects the outcome. For Business Analyst there should be no doubts in the requirements based on time and future requirements.

There is no formal method to do  GAP Analysis. A simple excel sheet can be used for the purpose

Good Understanding on the current process All the business affecting factors must be well defined

  • Seasonat weather, fashion influences?


  • Political effects?
  • Legislative effects?
  • Environmental effects?
  • IT developments?
  • Competitor intentions -various?
  • Market demand?
  • New technologies, services, ideas?
  • Vital contracts and partners?
  • Sustaining internal capabilities?
  • Obstacles faced?
  • Insurmountable broad?
  • Seasonality, weather effects
  • weaknesses?
  • Loss of key staff?
  • Sustainable financial backing?
  • Economy -home, a

company or a line of business within a larger organization. Gap analysis is a assessment tool used to find the deviation or gap between what exists versus what is needed or desire


No ambiguity in the requirements and future prospects Adorn the gaps using graphs, Charts and images Include the feedback from the stakeholders Inform the involved parties about the identified gaps.


Different stages in GAP Stages:

Review System

Develop Requirements




Gap Analysis is one of the best procedures followed by any organization to improve the process and recognize the processes which needs improvement

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