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what is business analysis planning and monitoring?

Business Analysis planning and monitoring is a framework that is designed and prepared to carry out the business analysis work and procedures. It is the first step in starting the business analysis work for any given project or process. It acts as a foundation for the work on which is to be developed. These frameworks are stored to be referred to later in the new projects or referred during the entire course of the project to understand where the project is headed. It is also useful to understand the direction and the progress of the project. These framework that has been designed by various other project managers can also be referred to. The various steps that are involved in this procedure includes identifying stakeholders and how to involve them, what problem are we trying to solve with this assignment, how to add value to the project, requirement elicitation techniques, analysis of these requirements, how do we handle change request, how to track requirements, what are the business objectives and goals, etc. These are the sub assignments that needs to be figured out before starting the work on any project by a business analyst. The preparation can be different for different users. Depending upon the style of work and criticality, these procedures are carried out. But the fact that these procedures has to be completed remains. They help you to understand the in scope and out scope of the the project and what is a business analyst role in it and how to achieve it. They help you to carry out your task effectively and efficiently. By doing so, it helps in achieving better results as the role of the BA is deeply defined. Planning and monitoring phase is often subjected to audits in order to understand the progress and direction of the project. It is also done to check if the project is in line with the organizational objectives. If the answer is no then required changes are done to resign the project direction with the organizational objectives and goals. Therefore, planning and monitoring are 2 major activities that a business analyst needs to do in order to be successful in his role. There are 5 tasks that a business analyst needs to complete

Business Analysis approach.

Business Analysis approach determines the methods to complete the business analysis activities. The framework determined after this analysis works as a basis of ground work that needs to be achieved. It helps to understand the time frame, tools and techniques that will be used over the course of the project.

Stakeholder engagement.

In this step, various stakeholders are identified and tasks are assigned as per their roles in the organisation. The major reason to do so is to communicate their roles and responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

Business Analysis governance.

This framework states the components which serves as a governance component upon which the entire work of business analyst us based. It helps to understand the direction of the project and the necessary changes required to tune the project if it goes off track.

Business Analysis information management.

This framework states how the information will be gathered, processed, stored and used with other available information. Information obtained from other sources for previous projects can also be used for the current project.

Business Analysis performance improvement.

This framework is designed to track the performance to ensure that the project is heading in the right direction and continuous improvements are considered. This is used to track the performance of the team and the project.

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