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What is business analysis planning and monitoring?

Planning and monitoring of business analysis involve the following steps:

  • Plan the business analysis approach
  • Plan stakeholder engagement
  • Plan business analysis governance
  • Plan business analysis information management
  • Identify business analysis performance for improvements

In business analysis, planning, monitoring and controlling together describe the planning of the BA approach, governance and monitoring. They also describe how to improve business analysis performance and produce outputs that are guidelines for other tasks.


Planning must be the first step in any strategy. A plan in general terms means the course of action that must be taken to achieve a goal. It includes the decision or the approach and the methodology to be used for the change initiative as well as the activities involved for scheduling and risks associated with that particular initiative.

  • Plan
  • Action
  • Planned vs actual progress


Monitoring is necessary to see that commitments are met and there is continuous improvement in any work. It requires the collection of data for the plan, to know the progress of the project. In some cases, the output may deviate from what has been planned. Hence, there must be a check on the planned and actual progress of the project.

  • Commitments are met
  • Continuous improvement


We control the business plan by taking the correct action steps at the right time.

  • Correct action plan
  • Frequent control of the plan

The core concepts of business planning and monitoring include:

  • Change: A complete understanding of the context handling of change requests, analyzing a change, why it is initiated, etc.
  • Solution: To analyze what performance measures are to be taken to drive the change request towards a viable solution.
  • Stakeholders: To do a stakeholder analysis using RACI matrix and to identify the major stakeholders of the project and see that the value is getting delivered.

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