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What is BRD,How is it different from SRS

What is BRD:- BRD means business requirement document BRD mainly focuses on details of the business problem and solution for a project  BRD focus on the need and expectation of a customer BRD shows what’s the need for the project. The foundation of a successful project is a well-written business requirement describing the problem project is trying to solve and the required outcomes with delivering value business requirement document is a report detailing everything a new project requires for success business requirement is an effective and organized way for a business analyst and project manager  write requirement document a business requirement document that describes the problem project is aiming to solve outcomes deliver the value. Business requirement documents BRD are usually created to gather all business requirement necessary to build a new application or replace a legacy business application the BRD are also drafted for a request for proposal for a new project the BRD provide a solid understanding of requirement across all the project stakeholder the BRD lay foundation stone for project successful execution of the project as all project stakeholders agree on addressing business needs. The BRD start with an overview of the company explaining the  company mission, vision, and business strategy this section also covers company portfolio of products services customers and service delivery sometimes company business model and operations are also included in the BRD this helps the solution provider to get a holistic look at the company they are undertaking the project in some BRD instead of a company overview an executive summary will be presented

How is it different from SRS:- BRD is made for high-level business requirements without any technical problems where SRS document is made for functional and non-functional requirements BRD is use for stakeholders and SRS document is referred by SME and technical problem SRS document is a manual of a project provided it is prepared before kick start a project and also it provides critical information to all teams including development, operation, quality assurance, and  maintenance ensuring the team are in agreement. The role of formulating a document is to understand fundamentals that will be compiled to develop robust software. Type of record expectation depends upon business type their criteria how company processes and what kind of software is to be developed let us understand common documents which are used by everyone and what do we got to discuss ahead

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