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What is BRD? How it is different from SRS document?

Business requirement document is prepared in the initial stage of the project. We can see why these requirements are undertaken, why this project is initiated and what are the high level goals and high level objectives of the project. We can say this Business requirements document is a communication document between business and technical team.

In simple words it indicates what the business want to achieve. The purpose of business requirements document is to actually serve as a reference point for the entire project team in a documented form.

It indicates all the project deliverables inputs and outputs associated with each process function. This document will have customer needs and expectations.

A business requirement document focus on the business prescriptive as it contains all the details of the business solution for a project.

Who prepares Business requirement document?

Business analyst prepares this document with the help of respective stakeholders. This document include who are the project stakeholders and business stakeholders, this means all these stakeholders who are needed to complete the project.

In some cases, client him/herself prepares business requirement document and handovers to business analyst or the IT company, with all the requirements mentioned in it.

Objectives of business requirement document:

Objective of business requirement document is to get an agreement and common understanding among all the stakeholders.

It includes:

Business needs

Customer needs

and what the business needs to provide and satisfy business and customer needs described in details.

Business requirement document key elements:

A business analyst or project manager prepares business requirement document as they have good understanding of the client’s requirements. If there is any ambiguity or any clarifications required from the client, then they are the persons who can reach to business stakeholders.

  • Executive summary: It is the synopsis of the document; in this we want to share information to your important stakeholders need to know.  
  • Project objectives: These are the project goals you want to accomplish. This helps in measuring the project process.
  • Project scope: This shows the project deliverables, deadline and goals, what we will be working in our project.
  • Business requirements: Business requirements are the important component in BRD. Giving the ranks to the requirements based on the priority which shows the level of importance of the requirements, helps others to find which one to finish first.
  • Key stakeholders: Based om RACI matrix we can find the roles of the stakeholders.
  • Project constraints: It shows the risks, resources, dependencies.
  • Cost benefit analysis: Cost benefit analysis in BRD in important in getting approval for the project. Provide the total expected cost for your project.

SRS document:

Software requirement specification document is a document that describe what software will do and how it will be expected to perform. It also describes the functionality the product needs to fulfill all stakeholders needs. It includes a purpose overall description and specific requirements. Software requirements specification describes how a software system should be described. It takes some time to create SRS document, but the effort it takes to prepare SRS document is gained back in the development phase as it helps your team to understand the product, the business need.

Software requirement specification document will define how the software will interact when it is fixed with hardware or when it is connected with other software’s.

This document provide everyone involved with a roadmap for the project.

  • SRS document helps you understand the product.
  • SRS document helps to grow your development standards.
  • It will help to cover risks on each development stage.
Business requirement document  Software requirement specifications:  
1) This document is created by business analyst.
2) This document contains high level business requirements and stakeholder requirements.
3) It is created during initial phase of the project.
4) This document is prepared for business users and stakeholders.  
1) This document is created by business analyst and system analyst.
2) This document contains use case, detailed functional requirements and non-functional requirements.
3) It is created during the analysis phase of the project.
4) This document is prepared for technical team and subject matter experts.  

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