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What is BRD? How it is different from SRS ?

Business Requirement Document :-

This is the key document and high level document before any project gets started. It describes what the system or application would look like from a business point of view or its perspective. It has clearly the business goals mentioned, with the continuous collaboration with Business analyst and other required stakeholders for the project.

Most of the BRD contains the following information:-

Executive Summary


Business Goals

Business Objectives

Stakeholder requirement

Success criteria

Current State and Target State

RAID(Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies)

Background of the project

Business Rules and Risks

Any Constraints and limitations

Assumptions which may hamper the projects

Stakeholder’s details, which will be a contact person

Details on existing Business(As is) and Business to be

Project Schedule and Business Budget

This BRD is organization specific, All the organizations uses their own format for the BRD but the purpose and that way it is used is always same. This is the most critical document among the entire document, it needs to be changed whenever stakeholder introduces any new requirement to the business.

After the BRD is prepared the signoff is mandatory form the stakeholders. So that the project team kick starts with product development. The primary user of the document is functional team, they decide on the best solution to achieve the Business Goal.

How is it different from SRS?

SRS is something which describes the software behavior like what it will do and how will it perform. The SRS provides the complete picture of the entire project. This document provides a brief description about how the system will perform. Qualities which SRS contains can be correct, verified, modified, on top priority, consistent etc. SRS contains all the functional and non functional requirements which are supposed to be met.

BRD is different from SRS because it contains all the business requirements and SRS contains the behavior of a particular software. SRS is been prepared for the SME and technical leads.

BRD is been prepared only by business analyst and SRS is been prepared by BA and system analyst. SRS is prepared during planning phase and BRD during analysis.

The BRD address the outline of WHAT / WHY  the software is been created and SRS addresses the HOW the software will create.

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