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What is BRD how it from SRS/ what is the project priorities? why this is important? how to handle this

  1. What is BRD (how it different from SRS)
  2. The business requirement document is high level document used for write down the business goals, objective, and background of the project through the formal format that details all objectives or requirement write down the for a new projects or business solutions
  3. Business requirement documents is main purpose of the use for requirement gathering and solve the business problems solutions through this document,
  4. Various industry Use of different Standard templet use for prepare the business requirement document,
  5. Business requirement document prepare by the business analyst, very crucial part of the project of this business requirement document use of before start the project
  6. 1st introduction of project, step of business requirement document that you write down this document so aware of what stakeholders want in business requirement what functionality want stakeholder is very crystal clear know information about project and product,
  7. 2nd write down in template project manager name, project id, verification ID, all are things write down, and mention on template,
  8. Create the table contents so use for that you change contents in business requirement document so it easy for you directly change through the appendix document
  9. Document purpose write down the according to the product purpose written by the business analyst facilitate the transfer of information form its mind relatable to the product.
  10. Project background written by the business analyst provide the high-level information in product background
  11. Business goals completed within stipulated time frame and individual’s plane to achieve in a set of periods of time,
  12. Project scope what are going to the develop according to the product and project environment
  13. Project scope under the two different things prepare by the under the first one is in scope and out scope, so in scope functionality prepare the list of functionalities we are going to develop in the current project and out scope prepare the list of functionalities what is not included in the current projects,
  14. Assumptions under write down the futuristic goals related to the project and product write down properly or correctly
  15. Constrains under write down the limitations goals and prepare the list limitations according to the project and product,
  16. Risk of the project write down the under the business requirement document such as technological risk, skills risk matter risk, goals risk, Popular risk, government risk, central government risk,
  17. Business process view as is process to be process in project mean current situations of the project and future situations of the project
  18. Write down the business requirement properly whatever you gather the requirement so its beneficial for you,
  19. How is different from Software requirement specifications because Software requirement specifications documents prepared by the business analyst and with technical team interaction on daily basis, it is technical document this document through knew information how to product work through functionality requirement and it is fulfilling the customer needs product this depends upon the functional requirement and non-functional requirement so is use for software requirement document,
  • What is the project prioritizing? Why this is important? How to handle this?
  • The project prioritizing techniques used in the that you gather the requirements from stakeholders you should be use MOSCOW techniques the project development can be much more complex than regular development project and process
  • These techniques required of development process used for business analysis and software development to reach the goals through the requirement process conducting regularly
  • Must; must have this requirement to meet the business requirement and needs
  • Should; have this requirement if possible but project success does not relay
  • Could; could have this requirement if it is does not affect anything else in the project
  • Would; would like to have this requirement later but won`t be delivered this time these techniques used for the prioritizing the project and product requirement kana model, 100-dollar test techniques also used for prioritizing the project and product requirement
  • Why this is important? Because one of the main reason these techniques use for that time you conduct eliciting techniques session you have gather the requirement form various stakeholders and clients also internal stakeholder you have prioritize the requirement through these techniques
  • How to handle this requirement thorough use of priority matrix this prioritize take all your takas and assign each a priority based on this priority matrix from change the requirement and prioritize the requirement, use relative prioritization, make a prioritize takas list and get write down the requirement, one of the main reasons handling this requirement focus on you most important takas whatever you want prioritize tasks through this techniques

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