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What is BRD? How is it different from SRS?

  • BRD stand for Business Requirement Documents. In BRD it consist of the details of the project objectives & expectations of the project lifecycle. BRD consist of the all project requirement’s.
  • Before beginning any project, this is the essential and high-level document. It shows how the system or application would look from the business’s perspective or its own. It clearly outlines the company’s objectives, as well as the ongoing collaboration with the business analyst and other project stakeholders.
  • BRD has to cover following points in the document:
  • Executive Summary

Write brief summary of requirement of the project.

  • Business Objectives

List the goals of the business.

  • Project Background

Write motive behind the project.

  • Project Scope

It gives the information about what should include in the project & what should left out.

  • Stakeholders

List of internal & external entity affecting with the project.

  • Constraints

Give details about time, budget, team & tools required for the project.

  • Use cases

Detailed information about the scenarios to be order to achieve the project objective.

  • Product Requirements
  • Functional
  • Non Functional
  • So, the primary goal of BRD is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the project’s objectives, goals, and limits. It explains the commercial opportunities or problems that the project seeks to solve as well as the anticipated results. This document also provides information about the project’s stakeholders, their respective roles and duties, and any limitations or presumptions that may have an impact on the project’s results. The BRD plays a critical role in directing project development and ensuring that it is aligned with corporate goals and objectives.
  • SRS, on the other hand, is a detailed document that describes the functional and non-functional requirements for a software project and is used to communicate the technical requirements to developers, testers, and other team members. It is created by technical leads or software architects.
  • BRD differs from SRS in that it includes all of the business requirements, whereas SRS includes a specific software’s behaviour. For the SME and technical leads, SRS has been prepared.
  • Business analyst alone prepared BRD, while BA and system analyst combined prepared SRS. BRD and SRS are prepared during the analysis phase.
  • The software’s WHAT and WHY are outlined in the BRD, while the software’s HOW is outlined in the SRS.

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