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What is BRD? How is it different from SRS?

Business requirements document is a formal business document which describes the objectives and solution to a business problem. The requirements in this document contains the scope of a project and the overall business objective, the specific and measurable results the business wants to achieve from the project. Project has moving parts, and if you want a successful project completion, Need all those parts to come together at the right time and place. Its like putting a puzzle picture together; the mantra to achieve it is to look at the picture on the front of the puzzle as you direct your way through it. A business requirements document is like that puzzle picture. Business requirements document  helps stakeholders to make decisions regarding project priorities, design, and structure to ensure the project remains aligned with the business overall objectives.  It outlines everything of a project demand and helps stakeholders to gain clarity on the requirements of the project. We need to cover the key techniques of a business requirements document. There are 7 techniques of business requirements documents.

  1. Executive summary – Executive summary is a high-level statement describes what is the project and purpose and goal of the project. Executive summary describes very high level functional specifications of the software.
  2. Project objectives – Project objectives are the business goals you want to achieve through project. It’s important to describe your project objectives before starting project which helps to measure your progress of the project.
  3. Project scope – Project scope states the boundaries of project. By outlining project scope, helps to keep everyone on the same page to complete project successfully.
  4. Business requirements – The business requirements is most important BRD template. There is list of actions required to accomplish your project. Depending on the project complexity, this list may be few items or it may be extensive on which stake holders need to work on for success of project.
  5. Key stakeholders – Project stakeholders with an interest in your project are the people who will go through your BRD template to understand what the project is about.
  6. Project constraints – Presenting an overview of your project constraints within project scope, Here, boundaries of project explained in more detail. When the stakeholders reviews this section, stakeholders should see the status of the project and its limits.
  7. Cost-benefit analysis – Business requirements document with a cost-benefit analysis is a important for BRD to get approval for your project, this is the deciding factor. Clients and executives care about the project objective with efficient cost.


Business Requirement Specification System Requirement Specification
It represent at very high level functional specifications of the software. It represent at a high level, the functional and technical specification of the software.
It is a formal document describe about the requirement provided by client. It Define the functional and non-functional requirements of the software to be developed.
It is created by the Business Analyst who interacts with clients It is created by the System Architect who is technical expert.
It is obtain from client interaction and requirements It is obtain from the BRS

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