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What is BRD? How is it different from SRS?

BRD is used for Business Requirement document. SRS is used for software requirement specification. BRD consists of high level business requirement without any technical and SRS consists of functional and non- functional requirement. BRD document is used by the stakeholders and SRS document are reoffered by SME’s and technical leads.
A BRD document describes the business solution for a project (what new or the updated product should do) inside the user expectations and the needs. BRD is used by upper and middle management. SRS is used by project managers, SME’s
(Subject matter experts) Technical and implementation lead.
BRD is prepared in initial phase and SRS is prepared in planning phase. In BRD the answers have been taken why the requirement are being undertaken and in SRS the answers are what requirement must fulfilled to satisfy business needs.
For Example BRD is to improve Efficiency by tracking the employee time in office.
For Example SRS proposed software will contain modules: – Login, Administrator, Employee and Reporting.
A BRD is a requirement package that describes the business requirement and the stakeholder requirement it document requirements of interest to the business rather than documenting the requirement.
SRS is document is a detailed and structured requirement documents contains the functional and nonfunctional requirements along with the use cases that the software must fulfill.
BRD it describes a company high level goals and trying to achieve or needs are trying to fulfill by creating a service or product. This document is always prepared by the business analyst on the project and is created by performing an analysis of the client company and talking to the client stakeholder. Once the BRD is prepared and reviewed and signed off by the client to ensure it correctly the business expectations and the stakeholders.
Primary audience for BRD is project sponsors, higher management and middle management and analyst.
SRS is one of the vital document in any project it bridges gap between what business needs and wants and what they will get documenting the board layout, Characteristics workflows software being developed.

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